Complete Fetal Echocardiogram can Improve the Detection Rate of CHD

Congenital heart disease (CHD) is a serious and the most common birth defect; it affects 6-8% of all live births. Newborns with major CHD require a surgical procedure at a very early age, as many develop critical complications immediately after birth. Prenatal diagnosis of CHD offers advantages of overall newborn survival and far-reaching benefits and is essential for early detection to improve prognoses. 

It is thus imperative to include prenatal screening for CHD in routine obstetric examination, formulate guidelines for ultrasound examinations, and make fetal echocardiograms accessible. 

However, prenatal screening and diagnostic measures are not widely accepted, and compliance is influenced by socioeconomic factors, especially in cases where advanced imaging techniques are involved.

Complete fetal echocardiogram is a newer diagnostic modality that serves as an adjunct to the existing techniques for detecting CHD in newborns and improving newborn and child survival.

Source: World Journal of Gynecology & Women’s Health. 2022; 5(5). Doi: 10.33552/WJGWH.2022.05.000625

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