Can allergies make my child tired?

Can allergies make my child tired?

In this video, Dr Gowri Somayaji speaks on tiredness in children caused by allergies. Allergic rhinitis is the most common inflammation among children. Allergic rhinitis is often seasonal. Allergic infection can cause throat irritation resulting in cough.

Dr. Gowri Somayaji

Dr. Gowri Somayaji strongly believes that a healthy and happy childhood is the basis for a healthy and happy life. This means normal growth and development of the child with a healthy diet, plenty of play and exercise and a lot of academic and intellectual stimulation. She focuses on prevention of disease and promoting of health while treating any illness. She also do not encourage over-use / inappropriate use of antibiotics or unnecessary investigations in the treatment of common ailments. She is a strong proponent of regular immunisation to prevent infections. She is currently associated with Aruna Clinic in Sadashiva Nagar, Bangalore.

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