Beyond baby siblings - Expanding the definition of “high risk infants” in autism research

A recent study published in Current Psychiatry Reports  reviewed the current literature on neurodevelopmental profiles and autism prevalence among infants at high-risk, with the goal of understanding early development of children with ASD. 

Recent evidence revealed that nearly 7% of very preterm infants are later diagnosed with autism spectrum disorder (ASD). Early development of this disorder is seen among infants with a familial predisposition. However, similar findings were identified in preterm infants and in those with genetic risk (Tuberous Sclerosis Complex – TSC). 

It was inferred that the existing knowledge of early markers of ASD must be extended beyond the familial-risk infants to better understand early development of autism. This will enable the development of customized and prompt interventionstrategies.

Source: Current Psychiatry Reports. 2021 Apr 16; 23(6): 34. doi: 10.1007/s11920-021-01243-x

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