American Psychological Association Issues Guidelines for Adolescent Social Media Use

Psychologists have released ten recommendations for adolescents' use of social media, including media literacy training and limiting screen time to prevent interference with sleep or physical activity. 

The American Psychological Association acknowledged that teenagers would use social media regardless, so the guidelines aim to offer suggestions to parents, teachers, and tech companies. Other recommendations include routine screenings for problematic social media use and limiting social media use to avoid comparisons of beauty or appearance. 

Experts from various areas of psychology analyzed the latest research to provide a science-based and balanced perspective on the issue. The aim is to teach kids how to get the best from social media and avoid the worst, making it a team effort involving policymakers, parental supervision, and changes from companies that make the products. The recommendations reflect an understanding that teens will use social media, and the guidelines aim to offer a safer approach to its use.


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