Symptoms of Coronavirus

Symptoms of Coronavirus

  • Don’t panic, we can combat coronavirus 
  • Social distancing is the most important preventive measure. If a large number of people are affected, medical facilities will be overburdened. Social distancing can delay the spread of the infection
  • Coronavirus is a virus which cannot survive for long durations outside the body; it will die within 5 to 7 days when lying on surfaces
  • COVID-19 is a novelcoronavirus which initiated from Wuhan, China, started from bats and is now infecting humans
  • There is no immunity for this virus, hence anyone contracting the infection will show symptoms
  • The severity of the disease increases with old age and in people with comorbid conditions. In elderly, the mortality due to COVID-19 is higher than that due to pneumonia
  • In children below 15 years mortality is very low
  • Virus needs a body/surface to stay alive. 
  • The most common symptom is fever (88%), olfactory disturbances, diarrhea (10-15%). 
  • Disease severity may lead to pneumonia, systemic dysfunctions, multi-organ failure, liver damage, and eventually death
  • The infection is spread through droplets. If you are close to someone who is infected, you may get infected by droplets released while coughing. The infection is also spread through surfaces on which droplets are resting. If anyone touches these surfaces, and then their face or mouth, they might get infected
  • Disease severity and mortality rises in people aged 50 years or more; in those above 80 years the mortality is near 15%. “Younger the patient, lesser the severity” 
  • Social distancing is important; maintain adequate distance from those who are coughing or sneezing (preferably 6 feet or at least 1 meter) 
  • Wash hands frequently for 20 seconds; front, back, inside nails
  • Don’t touch your face, if you have to, first sanitize your hands 
  • Don’t go in crowded places. If you spend more than 15 minutes with a person who is infected, you will be considered ‘exposed’
  • Those above 50 years and with comorbid conditions (diabetes or heart patients) should be more careful; follow proper social distancing 
  • Even private facilities have been allowed for testing, help numbers for government allocated facilities are also available
  • If you do not have sanitizer, soap and water is equally effective. Wash your hands for 20 seconds with soap and water. 
  • Mask is needed for infected individuals, close contacts or caregivers of people affected with Coronavirus, health professionals, elderly individuals, people with comorbid conditions, and those going in crowded places
  • This is a ‘Do or Die’ situation and we will be able to beat it. 

Dr. Ajay K Choudhry

Dr Ajay Choudhry is a gastroenteroloigst in Luckhnow


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