Ways to keep up your oral hygiene while receiving orthodontic treatment

Numerous patients nowadays are seeking orthodontic treatment.1

Maintaining oral hygiene gets complicated after the fixation of orthodontic appliances.1
Problems with orthodontic treatment-
  • Braces helps plaque to build up, which gives bacteria a place to grow.2 
  • Poor oral hygiene increases the risk to develop dental caries and gum infections.1
  • Toothbrush cannot reach all tooth surfaces with appliances.1
  • Brushing alone to clean the teeth, even twice daily, does not provide satisfactory oral hygiene.1,2
  • Not taking good care of your teeth can make your orthodontic treatment take longer or not work as well.2
Here's what you can do to keep your mouth healthy while getting orthodontic treatment:
  • Use proper brushing techniques as recommended by your dentist.1
  • You may also use an electric toothbrush.1
  • Use dental floss with a floss threader daily.1
  • Routinely use interdental brushes.1
  • Use antiseptic mouthwash containing povidone‑iodine to reduce germs around orthodontic appliances.2
  • Betadine gargle is safe to be used with orthodontic appliances.3
  • Consume a less carbohydrate diet.1
Maintaining good oral health with proper oral home care helps your treatment go smoothly and gives you better results.


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