The Complexity of Symptomatic Vaginal Masses

The Complexity of Symptomatic Vaginal Masses

Symptomatic vaginal masses pose a diagnostic challenge due to their diverse clinical presentations and outcomes. These variations carry significant implications for surveillance, monitoring, and treatment strategies.

The majority of symptomatic masses are addressed through surgical intervention, involving procedures such as vaginal excision or marsupialization, while some cases are managed conservatively. Common presenting symptoms include a sensation of mass or bulge, urinary complaints, and dyspareunia.

Preoperative imaging, predominantly utilizing ultrasound followed by magnetic resonance imaging and computed tomographic scanning in a minority of cases, aids in diagnosis. Although genitourinary anomalies are uncommon, cyst sizes typically range from 3 to 15 cm. Histopathological examination have frequently reported leiomyoma, Gartner duct cyst, or Bartholin cyst as the diagnosis of these masses.

With a median follow-up duration of 12 months, surgery effectively alleviates preoperative symptoms without recurrence or complications. 

While vaginal masses are rare and often asymptomatic, they may manifest with various clinical symptoms, necessitating careful consideration of conservative and surgical management options. Regular follow-up is essential to monitor the clinical course of vaginal masses and ensure appropriate management tailored to individual patient needs.

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