Patient's Guide on Common Oral Infections and Transmission

Oral Health significantly contributes to overall well-being.1

Dental infections, if untreated, pose serious health risks.2,3 

Oral infections originating within the tooth or nearby structures may spread to surrounding tissues.1

How can bad oral Hygiene complicate overall health?2,4

  • Bacterias (like mutans streptococci and lactobacilli) in the mouth
  • Damages tooth and causes cavities
  • Infection progresses from tooth to surrounding tissues, penetrating gums
  • Infection may spread deeper in the neck and face
  • Can cause severe complications like osteomyelitis, Ludwig angina, and life-threatening conditions

Common Oral Infections can spread 

  • Oro-dental infections can migrate to adjacent spaces, or can penetrate deep neck structures, posing a risk for mild local infections to life-threatening bacteremia .2,4

Following Prevention Strategies can help you protect your overall health

  • Maintain proper oral Hygiene
  • Gargle with PVP-I mouthwash to enhance oral Hygiene.1,5
  • Brush teeth at least twice daily, floss regularly, and limit sugary foods and drinks.6


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