Oral rinses in COVID-19: Can they reduce the viral load?

Oral rinses in COVID-19: Can they reduce the viral load?

It established that 1% povidone iodine achieves more than 5 logs 10 reductions in the sars cov virus creature at 15:30 & 60 seconds. There are enough evidencec to suggest that povidone iodine gargle, rinses, nasal wash, douches, wet cotton with povidone iodine 1% used in the nose before a procedure, during a procedure & after a procedure is efficient. To protect themselves, doctor, nurses, & healthcare workers should educate the public so that they can practice the same at home

In this video, prof. Dr. Lt. Col. Arunachalam Ravikumar in conversation with Dr K K  Aggarwal talks about importance of PVPI and how one protects themselves effectively against the emerging virus strain now or in the future.

Dr. Arunachalam Ravikumar

Dr Arunachalam Ravikumar is a ENT Surgeon- Sri Ramachandra Medical Centre Chennai.


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