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How will you Find Happiness in Your Career?

Finding happiness in your career involves recognizing the distinction between a job, which is short-term, and a career, which is long-term. While a job may lead to leaving work feeling angry, a career aims to leave work with satisfaction.

In the context of fi nancial gain, a job helps collect money, whereas a career focuses on accumulating valuable experiences.

Requirements for a successful career include expertise, a bit of luck, the ability to be a clutch performer, mentorship and maintaining a healthy work-life balance. Being a clutch performer entails traits such as focus, discipline and adaptability, requiring individuals to give their best effort, or 110%, every day despite stress.

Engaging in meaningful activities to prevent burnout is crucial, dedicating at least 2 hours a day to something that holds personal signifi cance.

Pro tips for a successful career emphasize the importance of maintaining good health, as a healthy individual can better contribute to the well-being of others, Dream big, continuously learn and prioritize service to patients before self.


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