Baby swimming and baby massage improves baby weight

Infancy is a golden era; thus, it also demands special attention for the child's growth and development. From infancy to childhood, growth and development are continuous processes that are intertwined. Infants grow rapidly in the first 12 months of their age, which may be measured with indicators like body weight. Baby weight may be increased through baby massage and baby swimming. Krisnanto PD and Natalia RL, in their research, discovered the effectiveness of baby massage and baby swimming in improving baby weight. 

They used a one-group pretest-posttest design of a quasi-experimental method and conducted intervention of massage therapy eight times in 4 weeks and also eight times in 4 weeks for baby swimming. They examined the data of weight measurement results before and after the treatment with a statistical hypothesis test; and used Accidental sampling as the sampling technique. 

They found the mean weight of infants before the baby massage was 7.92 kg, while that after the baby massage was 8.23 kg. They also found the mean infant weight before and after baby swimming was 7.32 and 7.59 kg, respectively. They noted no significant differences between the two intervention groups regarding weight gain.

Based on this research, it can be suitably concluded that infant massage and swimming activity equally render body weight gain in infants. 

Krisnanto PD, Natalia RL. The effectiveness of baby swimming and baby massage in improving baby weight 77 the effectiveness of baby swimming and baby massage in improving baby weight. 1st International Respati Health Conference (IRHC). 2019.


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