Assessment of nutritional status in children with kidney diseases

The assessment of a child's growth and nutritional status is essential before a dietary recommendation. However, evaluation of the nutrition status necessitates a series of indices and tools. 

An article published in Pediatric Nephrology present clinical practice recommendations (CPRs) for nutritional assessment of children. The parameters under consideration included – measurement of anthropometric and biochemical markers and assessment of dietary intake. The guidelines were graded using the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) grading matrix. It was suggested that low-grade or opinion-based statements must be heeded with caution and should altered or adapted based on the individual patient requirements according to the physician’s clinical judgment and the dietician’s advice. 

The authors also informed that the CPRs are likely to be audited and updated at regular intervals by the Pediatric Renal Nutrition Taskforce (PRNT) – an international group of pediatric-renal dietitians and pediatric nephrologists who engage in developing CPRs fornutritional management of children with kidney diseases.

Source: Pediatric Nephrology. 2021 Apr;36(4):995-1010.doi: 10.1007/s00467-020-04852-5.

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