A management model for admission and treatment of pediatric trauma cases

The purpose of a study published in the Israel Journal of Health Policy Research  was to develop a management model for admission and treatment of pediatric trauma utilizing the Theory of Constraints (TOC).

This study was based on interviews with 17 highly experienced policy makers, senior nursing managers and medical managers in pediatrics and trauma.

A current reality tree (CRT) was illustrated according to four identified undesirable effects (UDEs), which focused on the absence of:

  • Specific definitions of case manager in pediatric trauma
  • Uniform criteria for the appropriate site for admission for cases with pediatric trauma
  • Standard guidelines and protocols for trauma management and for training of trauma medical teams
  • Standard guidelines for the evacuation of pediatric trauma patients

The management model for pediatric trauma admissions and management is based on – human resources, hospital policy with regard to emergency department (ED) for pediatric trauma patients, and specified definitions regarding children and trauma levels. 

Each of these components must be clearly defined in order to gain permission for admitting and treating pediatric trauma patients.

The optimal emergency department (ED) for pediatric trauma cases must sustain available operating rooms; intensive care beds; an imaging unit; laboratories; and equipment suitable for treating children. Furthermore, it should have aptly trained staff. Medical centers should be classified based on their trauma treatment capabilities and ability to treat an array of severities of pediatric trauma cases.

Source: Israel Journal of Health Policy Research. 2021; 10: 73. doi: 10.1186/s13584-021-00506-5


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