8 Extraordinary Benefits of Elaichi

8 Extraordinary Ways Badi/Choti Elaichi Keeps You Young & Healthy

A cardamom is more than just a sweet and cooling aroma. It is beyond the unmatched fragrance that it is known for. It has many varieties and we know it by many names such as badi elaichi, chhoti elaichi, black elaichi and moti elaichi. Other than making your cuisine bold and delightfully tasty, your regular cardamom / elaichi has a lot of other uses as well. Many of us are still not aware how exactly it helps us maintain a healthy skin and assists us in our overall fitness. This is not just a spice but a powerhouse of health benefits.

1. Extremely Beneficial For Your Gastro-Intestinal Health 

If you love your health and want to ensure that your gastro-intestinal tract is healthy and free of any diseases and problems, cardamom can help. It regulates your stomach acids and even prevents several digestive disorders from disrupting your life. Say goodbye to gastric ulcers by including just a pinch of elaichi in your diet every day. If you are suffering from abdominal gas and cramps, black elaichi is the perfect ingredient to get rid of all such problems.

2. Detoxify Your System 

Looking to detoxify your system? Several studies and research papers have proven that black / moti elaichi is a fantastic detoxifier for your body. If you have been taking too much of caffeine, this little ingredient can easily eliminate it from your system without causing any side effects. Needless to mention, it is also a very effective diuretic and can also keep your renal system healthy.

3. Stay Young and Active 

How can you stay young and active by consuming elaichi regularly? The antioxidant properties of this little spice are phenomenal. They are full of vitamin C and potassium. If you are consuming cardamom on a regular basis in any form that you prefer, your skin will keep glowing and your blood circulation will remain healthy, making you look and feel younger than you are. It is going to reduce the activities of any free radicals in your body and give you a vitality that you have always craved for.

4. Say Goodbye To Bad Breath 

Suffering from bad mouth odour? You are not the only one. Chewing on Choti elaichi is going to relieve you of your bad breath. If you have any oral health issues such as a cavity or probably bleeding gums or pain in your teeth, black cardamom seeds may be the perfect solution. Because it also proves beneficial in curing your stomach and digestion problems, it is highly recommended for people who complain about bad breath (citing the former as a major reason for the latter).

5. Medicinal Properties

As if the above-mentioned properties weren't enough! Moti elaichi in any form has a lot of medicinal properties. Black elaichi in particular can destroy microbes very easily. According to an independent study, almost 15 different types of such species have been effectively rendered useless and inactive in the human body by regular consumption of cardamom.

6. Fantastic For Your Hair

Black / moti elaichi in particular is practically a godsend for your hair. Do you know that cardamom oil when topically applied on your hair gives it a lustrous and long lasting shine? The ant oxidative properties of this little spice also nourish your scalp and your hair strands making them shinier and stronger. It is also antibacterial and antiseptic in nature which is going to keep dandruff and lice miles away from your hair.

7. Looking To Boost Your Immunity System? 

Do not fret over seasonal changes or unexpected shifts in the temperature. The antibacterial seeds of a small black cardamom are enough to boost your immunity and keep you fighting diseases and infections throughout the year. 

8. Improving Your Cardiovascular and Respiratory Health

Heart and breathing problems can get out of your hand as you grow older. If you have been diagnosed with any of the following:

Uneven cardiac rhythm

High blood pressure



Whooping cough


Pulmonary tuberculosis

Lung congestion

Consuming a bit of cardamom in any form just once a day could make your life a lot better. Black elaichi is known to reduce the probability of contracting blood clots and also protects you from heat stroke during the peak days of summers. It is also well known to cure cold, sore throat, excessive mucus production and inflammation of your respiratory tract. You too can buy this powerhouse of health benefits by Modern Agro and make your loved ones healthy and immune to diseases and viruses.