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What is Surgical Menopause - Medtalks

What is Surgical Menopause?Surgical menopause occurs when a woman undergoes menopause through surgery rather than the natural aging process...

What is Breastfeeding : Benefits of Breastfeeding for the Baby | Medtalks

What is Breastfeeding | Define BreastfeedingBreastfeeding is the practice of giving your infant breast milk directly from your breast. It is..

7 Things you need to know about Menstrual Hygiene

Menstrual Hygiene - An Overview  Normally, all the girls are first introduced to “periods” during puberty. This is the age when gir..

Things you should know before your first visit to gynaecologist

Q1. What is a gynaecologist?Ans. A gynecologist is a surgeon who specializes in the female reproductive system, including cervix, fallopian ..

What is importance of the number 9 in medical practice?

In this video, Dr. K K Aggarwal, Padma Shri Awardee, Editor-in-chief IJCP Publications, will talk about the importance of the number 9 in me..

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