Mental Health FAQs

Mental illness - Symptoms and Causes | Medtalks

What is Mental Health?Your emotional and psychological well-being is referred to as your mental health. Good mental health allows you to liv..

Sleep Paralysis - Causes, Symptoms, Treatment, and Prevention | Medtalks

What is Sleep Paralysis?Sleep paralysis is the sensation of being awake but unable to move while sleeping. It happens when a person transiti..

Sleep Disorders: Causes, Diagnosis, and Treatments | Medtalks

What are Sleep Disorders ?Most people have occasional sleeping problems as a result of stress, hectic schedules, and other external influenc..

20 Parenting Tips To Deal With An Anxious Child

Intoduction-Fears and worries, sadness and hopelessness are the normal emotions in children and adolescents. Sometimes, they may also experi..

14 Types of Mental Illness - You should know about

Types Of Mental Illness | Warning Signs of Mental Illness Mental illness: A stigma or a real problem?Each individual gets "sa..

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