Talking to your doctor about Diabetes?

Talking to your doctor about Diabetes?

Dr. David Strain, Senior Clinical Lecturer, England, will talk about the importance of talking to your doctor about diabetes in this video. When the diabetes is diagnosed, it is generally perceived as it is just a bit of high sugar level. Talking to your doctor will help the doctor to diagnose you properly. He will check all your parameters and prescribe some medications and lifestyle interventions.

Dr. David Strain

Senior Clinical Lecturer (E&R) (HEFCE-NHS CSLA) Graduated from Liverpool University and initially embarked on a career in cardiology. Completed his clinical training and moved to the University of Exeter Medical School (formally Peninsula Medical School), where he has attained a National Institute of Healthcare Research Clinical Senior Lecturer Award Fellowship to continue his research. Currently works in a research team exploring the aetiopathogenic mechanisms of a diverse range of vascular disease, from stroke to diabetic cardiomyopathy. Was the UK Chief investigator for the Diabetes in the Elderly trial that explored the feasibility of setting individualized treatment targets for older people with diabetes.

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