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Dr. T.K Joshi 

Director, Occupational and Environmental Programme

Dr. T.K. Joshi, Director, Occupational and Environmental Programme. MBBS, MS, MSc (Occupational Medicine, London), Cer. OEM (UCSF), DLSHTM (Occ. Health) U.K., FFOM (Royal College of Physicians, London). Visiting Professor Drexel University, School of Public Health, Philadelphia. He was a visiting research fellow at London, School of Hygiene, at TUC Centenary Institute of Occupational Health. He has been a Director, Occupational & Environmental Health Programme at COEH, First Indain Physican elected Fellow by Collegium Ramazzini. He has been associated with several leading corporate organizations and trade unions. He has national and international experience and is an acknowledged expert in the field. Dr. T.K Joshi is specialized in occupational and environmental medicine, an area which has a global shortage of specialists including North America and Europe.



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This webcast focuses on environmental health issues , occupational health, biome