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Dr. Nimesh G Desai 

Director, Institute of Human Behaviour & Allied Sciences(IHBAS) and also Professor of Psychiatry.

Dr Nimesh G. Desai has made immense contribution to the development of Institute of Human Behavior and Allied Sciences (IHBAS), Delhi, India since he assumed the charge as the Director in April 2010 and again from may 2016 helped IHBAS to achieve the status of “An Institute of National Importance”. He has made the exceptional & unusual decision of shifting to IHBAS (Institute of Human Behavior and Allied Sciences) in 1998, and has served there for 11 years as Head, Department of Psychiatry also as Medical Superintendent of the IHBAS for most of those years. He served on the faculty of two of the best academic institutions, joining IHBAS in 1998 and taking up the responsibility of developing it as a National Institute and a Centre of Excellence. He was the past Hony. Secretary General of India Psychiatric Society.



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