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Dr. Kar Chai Koh 

President of Malaysian Medical Association

Dr. Kar Chai Koh Proud alumnus of Kasturba Medical College Manipal (Class of '82) is President Elect (2020-2021) of the Malaysian Medical Association. Currently practicing as a General Practitioner in Kuala Lumpur. Dr. Chai holds office as Vice President (2020-2022) in the Manipal Alumni Association Malaysia , Vice Chair of Confederation of Medical Associations of Asia Oceania (CMAAO) and Asst Secretary of Confederation of Scientific and Technological Associations of Malaysia (COSTAM). He is Passionate about Vaccine Advocacy and Equality in Healthcare for All. Alumni relations congratulations you and wishes you a very successful tenure as President MMA.



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CMAAO Meeting on Covid Waves..

 Seminar Featured-image

CMAAO Meeting on COVID Special - Looking Back to Move Forward, CMAAO 100..

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