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In this video, Dr. Arshabh Ghanekar has explained about the importance of nasal salines in runny nose and sneezing among children. It is als..

In this video, Dr. Arshabh Ghanekar will talk about the long term effects of nasal congestion. Nasal congestion can lead to respiratory comp..

Allergic shiners are dark circles under the eyes caused by congestion of the nose and sinuses and it is more commonly seen in children. Dr. ..

Breathing through the mouth mostly leads to poor tongue posture. The anterior tongue posture can move teeth into abnormal positions and lead..

Proper nasal breathing can augment facial development. In this video, Dr Umesh Jonnala will explain how prolonged mouth breathing in babies ..

Nasal congestion can make breathing difficult, hence the child has to breathe through the mouth. While breastfeeding, if the baby's nose is ..

In this video, Dr T Sunil Kumar, will talk about the importance of nose breathing. Mouth breathing has bad effects and it can give easy entr..