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Are there any long-term effects of nasal congestion?

In this video, Dr. Arshabh Ghanekar will talk about the long term effects of nasal congestion. Nasal congestion can lead to respiratory comp..

I suffer from food allergies, What can I do to prevent them in my baby?

Dr Tejas Shah, will discuss about preventive measure that help in avoiding passing on of food allergies from mothers to their babies. He wil..

It seems that more and more kids have allergies these days. Why is that?

In this video, Dr Tejas Shah will discuss about the allergies faced by growing children at a rapid rate. Many times children are exposed to ..

Mouth breathing and its effect on tongue?

Breathing through the mouth mostly leads to poor tongue posture. The anterior tongue posture can move teeth into abnormal positions and lead..

Is there any link between nose breathing and chewing in my baby?

In this video, Dr Umesh Jonnala will explain the relation of nasal breathing and chewing in babies. He will also tell us the importance of n..

What causes a cough in children?

In this video, Dr Priyankar Pal will explain the causes of cough in children. Various causes such as allergies, allergic infections, asthma,..

What to expect when a new-born baby catches a cold?

Dr Priyankar Pal, in this video will discuss about the common colds in babies. Common colds if untreated can lead to complications like pneu..

My baby doesn’t latch on to my breast because he can’t breathe. What can I do?

Nasal congestion can make breathing difficult, hence the child has to breathe through the mouth. While breastfeeding, if the baby's nose is ..

Most of the parents ask about breastfeeding and allergies ! What will you tell me?

Dr Priyankar Pal will explain that breast milk or breastfeeding will not cause any allergies in the baby. Moreover, breastfeeding can reduce..

I am a new mother, breastfeeding my baby and I suffering from allergies. Is it safe for me to take medicines for relief?

In this video, Dr Priyankar Pal will discuss whether it is safe for a breastfeeding mother to take allergy medicine. The antihistamines are ..

Is it all right to feed my baby when he has a blocked nose?

It is important for the children to stays hydrated and eat nutritious meals with plenty of fluids. In this video, Dr T Sunil Kumar will give..

How long can a baby suffer with a discharge from the nose?

Dr T Sunil Kumar will tell us about the duration of nasal congestion or discharge in babies. Generally, it is 1-2 weeks. But if it exceeds b..

How can we prevent a nose block?

Dr T Sunil Kumar will share some tips to prevent nose blockage in babies. For instance, parents should keep the baby clean and his room germ..

How can I clear discharge from the nose?

In this video, Dr T Sunil Kumar will suggest some of the home treatments for clearing nasal congestion in babies. Use  saline water, va..

Can allergies make my child tired?

In this video, Dr Sobyasachi Das will discuss how allergic infections can cause tiredness in children. Nasal allergies lead to nose blockage..

Can babies also get nasal allergies?

In this video, Dr A K Agarwal will explain how the babies can have nasal allergies. He will further explain the causes of nasal allergies in..

What can cause nasal allergies in children?

Dr A K Agarwal will discuss the causes of the nasal allergy in children. He will further talk about the environmental factors such as passiv..

How to know that your child is having nasal allergy?

Dr A K Agarwal will discuss the allergic symptoms in your baby. Runny and itching nose, watery eyes, sneezing and cough are few of the commo..

How to control nasal allergies in children?

In this video, Dr A K Agarwal will talk about preventive measures regarding allergies in children. Keep your child and his/her surroundings ..

If my child becomes very cranky because of a nasal allergy, how can I help him cope with the nose block and discomfort?

Dr A K Agarwal, will discuss about some home remedies for nasal congestion in children. A few drops of saline water can soften the mucus. Pa..