Medical Webinars and Seminar

Webinars and Seminar

What are the Facets of Research in Contrast Echocardiography & Their Implications in Clinical Practise
Dr. Roxy  Senior
Is Inappropriate Tachycardia Linked to Cardiac Death or With Heart Attack?
Dr. Sandeep  Bansal
Should Echocardiography be Treated Like a Blood Test With a Checklist?
Dr. Satish Kumar Parashar
Discussion on Contrast Echocardiography
Dr. Rakesh  Gupta
What is Vulnerable Plaque?
Dr. Renu  Virmani
Revival of a Patient After Cardiac Arrest
Dr. Prof Vijay Kumar Trehan
Limitations of JNC 7 Guidelines and Expectations From the New JNC Guidelines
Dr. C. Venkata S. Ram
What is the Cause of Metabolic Syndrome in India?
Dr. H.K Chopra
Reducing, Preventing & Managing Certain Cardiac Deaths in Different Settings
Dr. Mandeep R Mehra
The Public Perception is That Redo Surgery is Very Difficult.Is This True?
Dr. OP  Yadava
History of Electrophysiology in India
Dr. M Khalilullah
When is Bypass Surgery Not Done in a Patient With Blockages in the Heart?
Dr. Surendra Nath  Khanna
Is Angiogenesis Effective in Cardiac Patients?
Dr. Mukesh  Hariawala
How Does CRT Device Assist in Improving Heart Function?
Dr. Harsh  Wardhan
Importance of Flow-Mediated Dilatation (FMD) in Early Detection of Coronary Artery Disease
Dr. (Hony Brigadier) GS  Sainani
Management of Acute heart Attack
Dr. VK  Bahl
How to Diagnose a Heart Attack in a Patient With Chest Pain & When is it a Medical Emergency?
Dr. Dev B  Pahlajani
Which Components of Diet Can Help in Regressing Heart Disease?
Dr. SC  Manchanda
Available Avenues to the Poor to Reduce Heart Diseases in India
Dr. Prof Mohsin Wali
Metabolic Drugs Used in the Management of Coronary Artery Disease
Dr. Jamshed J  Dalal
What are the Components of Stenting?
Dr. Praveen  Chandra
Heart Diseases are An Epidemic in Our Society. How Can the Modifiable Risk Factors Be Controlled?
Dr. RPS Bhardwaj
Vascular Interventions in a Patient with Erectile Dysfunction
Dr. NN  Khanna
Management of Dyslipidemia Before and After Intervention
Dr. Ashish  Malhotra
When We Put a Stent?
Dr. Sandeep Singh
Mitral Valve
Dr. Sundeep K  Mishra
In Intervention Cardiology, Even With Primary Angioplasty, The Results May Not Be Good Depending on the Hrombus Burden. How Can the Outcome Be Improved?
Dr. Sameer Mehta
Cardiological Society of India Recently Issued Guidelines for Prosthetic Valve. What Do These Guidelines Have to Say For a Patient, GP, MD Physician & DM Cardiology?
Dr. Rajiv  Bajaj
What is diastolic dysfunction? Why is it so rampant in India?
Dr. Mandeep R Mehra
Why is tenecteplase still a drug of choice & cost effective?
Dr. Immaneni  Sathyamurthy
Should 3D Echo Be Done as a Routine in Every Case?
Dr. Ashok K  Omar
Surrogate Markers of Blockages in Arteries
Dr. Shishu Shankar  Mishra
Should Antiplatelets Be Stopped?
Dr. Prof Anjan  Lal dutta
What is the Reason Behind the Rising Prevalence of Coronary Artery Disease in India in the Past Two Decades?
Dr. Monotosh Panja
Most family physicians are not clear when to Refer a Patient in Cases of Congenital & Valvular Heart Diseases.
Dr. IB  Vijayalakshmi
Do You Have a Responsibility to Come Out in the Open & Talk About Issues in the Medical Profession Being Discussed in TV Programs
Dr. Anil  Kumar
Update on Cardiac Intervention
Dr. Satyavan  Sharma
Why Does the Government of India or India's Private Sector Does not Have a Policy on Venturing into the Stent Market in India?
Dr. Prof Upendra Kaul
How Can Heart Disease be Prevented?
Dr. Prakash C  Deedwania
How to Manage Heart Attacks in Rural Setting?
Dr. Lekha Adik Pathak
Life Style & Preventive Cardiology
Dr. Pradip Kumar Deb
What Changes Should be Done in the Feild of Preventive Cardiology
Dr. Santanu  Guha
If a Centre has an Interventional Cardiology Procedure Rate of Less Than 200 Per year, How Should They be Treated as Per CSI Guidelines?
Dr. Saumitra  Ray
How to Choose a Stent?
Dr. Rakesh Yadav
Syncope Update Large
Dr. M Khalilullah
Mitral Surgery Update
Dr. Kewal C Goswami
Newer Anticoagulants
Dr. sameer shrivastava
Webcast on Understanding Stents
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Webcast on Heart Disease in Doctors and Life after Death in Modern Medicine
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