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Omicron Covid-19 Virus Update
Fever Due to URTI - A New Challenge in COVID times
Diabetes and CVD
Omicron Covid-19 Virus Update from South Africa
Covid Warriors Meet for Maharashtra, MP and Chhattisgarh State
World Diabetes Day - Access to Diabetes Care
Covid Warriors Meet for Uttar Pradesh East, Bihar and Jharkhand State
Covid Warriors Meet for Andhra Pradesh and Telangana State
Covid Warrior Felicitation Programme for North India Belt
Covid Warrior Felicitation Programme for South India Belt
Right Time to Initiate Insulin Therapy
Covid Warriors Meet for MP, Chhattisgarh, Bihar and Jharkhand State

Covid Warrior Felicitation Programme for South India Belt

A medical webinar is an online event that is conducted either by medical company/organization and it is smaller, more collaborative and interactive session. This also consists of Interactive elements in which the participants have the ability to give, receive and do discussion on the related topics. Medical webinars are free and some are paid depending on its requirement in the medical field. Medical Seminars are a king of teaching session in which large number of people are involved who at times can lead themselves as a part of the discussion and it is mostly organized by nay commercial/professional organization.

Healthcare webinars are mostly online event. Healthcare webinars emphasizes on how healthcare providers and leaders are ensuring clinicians to provide high quality treatment and care to their patients. In free online healthcare webinars , medical experts share their knowledge relating to the improvement of the medical field and what more can done to enhance the system requirement. Live healthcare webinars are designed and organized especially to meet the needs of the healthcare professionals who has all level of experience and they can implement them in their day to day practices. Webinars for healthcare professionals is important so that the medical doctors are updated on a timely basis and they can treat their patient more efficiently.