Webcast on Right of Hindu women: inheritance and succession in family property


This webcast is based on the rights of hindu women, its significance, inheritance and Succession in family property. Further, we get the information about what are the categories of properties, when does “The Hindu Succession Act” came into existence along with its amendment act. This video also explains the rights of women under this act and how was it beneficial for them, what were the controversies and legal judgment involved in this act, how the Will of the parents plays an important role in both The Hindu Succession Act and The Hindu Succession Amendment Act, and how combined efforts from all perspective should be made for the rights that should be given to the woman.


Dr. Ira Gupta

Advocate in New Delhi

Mrs Ira Gupta is Advocate in New Delhi

Mr. Rahul Gupta

Advocate, Lawyer, Chambers, Delhi High Court in New Delhi

Mr. Rahul Gupta is Advocate, Lawyer, Chambers, Delhi High Court in New Delhi


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