Webcast on Preparedness on Vector Borne Diseases

Webcast on Preparedness on Vector Borne Diseases


This webcast is on mosquito and vector borne disease, what are its effects and why it is important to take precaution. It also explains what is the major vector borne disease seen nowadays in Delhi and how can a doctor identify all the dengue cases whether it is a suspect case or confirmed case, what are the procedure required to control dengue and why community participation is important for its control in effective way. Further, it explains why doctors should join in the war to fight against dengue and what all checks should be done by a doctor on his patients, how training plays a important role and should be given to every doctor and in every hospital. We also get to know precautionary measures for dengue and how can we protect our surrounding persons from getting infected if any house is found dengue positive.


Dr. KK Aggarwal
Dr. KK Aggarwal

President Heart Care Foundation of India and Group Editor in Chief MEDtalks

Recipient of Padma Shri, Vishwa Hindi Samman, National Science Communication Award and Dr B C Roy National Award, Dr Aggarwal is a physician, cardiologist, spiritual writer and motivational speaker. He was the Past President of the Indian Medical Association and President of Heart Care Foundation of India. He was also the Editor in Chief of the IJCP Group, Medtalks and eMediNexus

Dr. V K Monga
Dr. V K Monga

General Physician at Dr Monga Clinic in Krishna Nagar, Delhi.

Dr. V K Monga is a Hony. Finance Secretary, IMA (2016-18) Dean IMA CGP for the year 2016-17. Dr. V K Monga is a renowned General Physician in Krishna Nagar, Delhi. He is currently practising at Dr. Monga Clinic in Krishna Nagar, Delhi.

Dr. Charan Singh
Dr. Charan Singh

Additional Director (Public Health-V) in Directorate of Health Services, Karkardooma, Delhi

Dr. Charan Singh is a Additional Director (Public Health-V), IDSP, NVBDCP, Waterborne Diseases Control), Directorate of Health Services.


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