Webcast on Epilepsy



This webcast explains the difference between Epilepsy and Seizured disorders and all related information that a GP should know while treating them. It also gives an understanding of fits, treatment of epilepsy, first aid prevention for epilepsy, seizures and fits. We get to know what are febrile seizures , how epilepsy affects memory of a person, what medications are required to control epilepsy, how to get the disease diagnosed, and myths and facts of epilepsy.

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M.D (Medicine), DNB (Medicine), D.M (Neurology), FAAN, FANA, FAMS FRCP (London), FRCP (Edinburgh), FRCP (Glasgow), MNAMS, FICP, FIACM. Director, Professor & HOD, Department of Neurology, Janakpuri Superspeciality Hospital, ND-58 (An Autonomous Postgraduate teaching institute under NCT Delhi), Vice President-International Bureau for Epilepsy-SEA, Secretary-General Indian Epilepsy Society & Association, President -Indian Academy of Neurology 2012-2013, President -Asian Oceanian Association of Neurology 2012-2016, Regional Director World Federation of Neurology.



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