Dr. Sameer Mehta


Webcast on AMI management & reducing its mortality & morbidity


Webcast on AMI management & reducing its mortality & morbidity


He is a Voluntary Associate Professor of Medicine at University of Miami Miller School of Medicine, President of the Indo American Society of Interventional Cardiology, editor of the Cath Lab Digest STEMI Interventions section and author of the Textbook of STEMI Interventions. Chairman, Lumen Foundation & Lumen Global; Director STEMI, ITMS; Interventional Cardiology practice as STEMI Cardiologist; Education, training and guidance of global AMI programs; Creating population-based STEMI programs; Employing telemedicine as foundation pillar for providing comprehensive AMI care in developing countries. Dr. Mehta is considered a pioneer in the specialty of STEMI intervention, the treatment of heart attacks using percutaneous coronary interventions (PCI). He has done groundbreaking work on shortening door-to-balloon times for STEMI interventions and is the course director for LUMEN, the Annual Symposium on Optimal Treatment for Acute MI, now in its tenth year.


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