Webcast on Adolescent Health


The webcast on Adolescent health includes detection, prevention and treatment of the young people as they are often comprehensive and need biological approach. This video focuses on key issues to be physically healthy and how an overnutrition and undernutrition affect the adolescents in the current scenario. This video also shows how respect plays an important role in treating the youths with adolescent health.


Dr. Jaipal Kapoor

Public Health professional and pediatrician of 30 years

Public health professional and pediatrician of 30 years standing with keen interest in the Child and Adolescent Health issues of school going and out of school students, prevention and management of infectious illnesses like HIV/AIDS, H1N1, Dengue. Strengths-Promotion of positive health interventions in marginalized population. Committed and Hard working person with proven track record of effectiveness by making positive changes in health indicators like eradication of polio, decrease in in HIV/AIDS prevalence in Delhi. Launched first ever Mobile ICTC in India and branded them as "MITWA" mobile integrated testing and wellness access. Branding of ICTC and STI clinics in Delhi. Launched HIV- TB coordination programme. Launched YUVA with Dir. of Education-Adolescent Reproductive & sexual Health issues, Health promotion of children -launched first ever Mass Deworming and Iron and Folic acid supplementation programme for school going and out of school children, implemented.


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