Mastery Over Anatomy: A Must in the Management of Congenital Cholesteatoma Albeit Surgical Challenges

Mastery Over Anatomy: A Must in the Management of Congenital Cholesteatoma Albeit Surgical Challenges


Cholesteatoma is one of the very few disease conditions with multiple controversies regarding its name, definition, genesis and pathology. It is essentially a benign tumour that starts as an inflammatory process of the upper airways and the middle ear cleft mucosa. The diagnosis of cholesteatoma is essentially clinical and treatment is surgical wherein the primary aim of surgery is to provide a disease free dry ear. However, keeping with the changing clinical profile of patients presenting with cholesteatoma, it is important to aim at a functionally better ear. In this webinar let's have a quick glance at the available options for the management of cholesteatoma


Dr. GVS Rao
Dr. GVS Rao

Founder and Chairman of Dr. Rao`s ENT Super Speciality International Hospital, Hyderabad and Director, Hyderabad ENT Research Foundation

Dr. GVS Rao is the Founder and Director of Dr. Rao's ENT Super Speciality International Hospital, Hyderabad. As India's leading ENT surgeon engaged in training, research and treatment, Dr GVS Rao is recognised by the medical community for his dedication to elevating Indian ENT healthcare to global standards. In a stellar career spanning almost three decades now, Dr. Rao has served as an ENT Consultant at several South India's leading hospitals such as Medwin Hospitals (Hyderabad), Chinnamal ENT Hospital and KKR ENT Hospital (both in Chennai) and St. Gregorious Mission Hospital (Pathnamthitta, Kerala). Till recently, Dr. Rao was the Chief Consultant (ENT) at Medwin Hospitals, Hyderabad. He also serves as the Director, Hyderabad ENT Research Foundation.

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