Mitral Valve- An insightful discussion with Dr. Sandeep K Mishra

Mitral Valve- An insightful discussion with Dr. Sandeep K Mishra


Dr. Sandeep K Mishra, Chairman National Intervention Council, Professor of Cardiology, AIIMS, New Delhi, will discuss about mitral valve. There are lot of patients having rheumatic heart disease and aortic stenosis and regurgitation patients, etc. he will talk on the new interventions to be done in such patients and there should be lot of studies done on Indian patients with structural heart diseases. He will discuss about the new therapies such as mitral valve clips etc. which are not affordable. He will further talk on renal denervation in details with its indication and criteria.


Dr. KK Aggarwal
Dr. KK Aggarwal

President Heart Care Foundation of India and Group Editor in Chief MEDtalks

Recipient of Padma Shri, Vishwa Hindi Samman, National Science Communication Award and Dr B C Roy National Award, Dr Aggarwal is a physician, cardiologist, spiritual writer and motivational speaker. He was the Past President of the Indian Medical Association and President of Heart Care Foundation of India. He was also the Editor in Chief of the IJCP Group, Medtalks and eMediNexus

Dr. Sundeep K  Mishra
Dr. Sundeep K Mishra

Editor-in-Chief and Professor in Indian Heart Journal, AIIMS, New Delhi

Dr. Sundeep Mishra is the Professor of Cardiology at AIIMS, New Delhi. He did his DM in Cardiology from AIIMS and did his Fellowship in Interventional Cardiology from Washington Hospital Center. He has been invited as Guest Editor of Catheterization and Cardiovascular Interventions Journal, and was Guest Editor of Indian Heart Journal. He is National Course Director, American College of Cardiology “National Talent Hunt Examination 2013.”He is the Program Director for TCT India. He is a Member of SCAI Publication Committee. He is a voting Member of SCAI International Committee and India Working Group. He is in the Organizing Board of Asia PCR Sing Live. He has been awarded Young Leader Award by CRT. He was the first person to do Virtual Histology in India and transmitted Live to Singapore Live, 2006 and AICT 2006. He is the Past Chairman of National Intervention Council of India. He was the Course Director of Sri Lanka Interventional Meeting 2013 and in Organizing Committee of PCR, ICI, and TCT-AP. He successful led Indian physicians and conducted sessions in EuroPCR, TCT, AsiaPCR / Sing Live, SOLACI, TCT-Asia Pacific, Gulf PCR / GIM, ENCORE, CCT, Israel Heart Society, Turkish Heart Society Meetings and Italian Heart Society. He was awarded “Young Leader Award” by Cardiovascular Revascularization Therapeutics (CRT), Washington DC and has been awarded Sujoy B Roy “Young Investigator Award” and KL Chopra Award by Cardiological Society of India.


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