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Viral Pink Eye Cases Rampant in Delhi-NCR

Eye flu or conjunctivitis cases rapidly increase in Delhi-NCR during the monsoon season. Delhi has been reporting about 100 daily conjunctivitis cases of late – significantly higher than last year's statistics. The rise in cases is attributed to the humid weather during the monsoon, providing an ideal environment for germs and bacteria to breed. 

Pink eye is highly contagious and can spread through direct contact with an infected individual or contaminated items. It is essential to maintain general hygiene to prevent eye flu or conjunctivitis. Preventive strategies include – appropriate hand hygiene, avoiding crowded places, refraining from touching the eyes, especially when outdoors, and ceasing sharing of personal items like towels and makeup. 

Health advisories have been issued in nearby cities, and affected individuals have been advised to stay isolated. Early symptoms such as redness, itching, or swelling should call for ocular assessment and prompt treatment.

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