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Union Health Ministry In India Issues New Clinical Guidelines In The Light Of Upsurging Covid Incidences

India's updated Covid-19 guidelines have advised caution on administering antibiotics and steroids to treat coronavirus patients. The Indian Council of Medical Research (ICMR) has issued new guidelines recommending the judicious use of antibiotics, such as ceftriaxone and azithromycin, and steroids, such as hydrocortisone, dexamethasone, and methylprednisolone, in certain conditions. 

Medical experts in India recommend physicians to be vigilant when diagnosing and treating mild cases of Covid-19, as there is a possibility of co-infection with other endemic illnesses. The Indian Council of Medical Research (ICMR) has advised doctors to avoid prescribing antibiotics or steroids unless there is a clear indication of a bacterial infection. They have further warned that steroids should not be used to treat mild or moderate Covid-19 cases, as it could lead to an increased risk of infection, metabolic disturbances, and impaired wound healing. Besides, if bacterial co-infection is ruled out, antibiotics and steroids should be discontinued once the patient's condition improves. The ICMR has also cautioned that steroids should be used judiciously in high-risk groups, such as pregnant women, elderly individuals, and those with comorbidities. 

The Indian Ministry of Health has emphasized the importance of following these guidelines to help contain the spread of the virus and has urged health professionals to exercise caution when prescribing antibiotics and steroids for Covid-19 patients.

In recent weeks, India has seen a sharp rise in Covid-19 cases, although hospitalizations are much lower than in earlier waves. On Sunday, 3,824 new cases were recorded, with five additional deaths bringing the total death toll to 5,30,881. The current number of active cases is 18,389, making up only 0.04 percent of the total infections. The national recovery rate is 98.77 percent, and the case fatality rate is 1.19 percent. To date, 4,41,73,335 individuals have recovered from the virus, and 220.66 crore vaccine doses have been administered.

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