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School Student Dies of Heart Attack Due To a “Rarest Of the Rare Diseases" For His Age

A 17-year-old class 12 student named Mudit Nadiyapara from Gujarat's Rajkot died from a heart attack due to a rare disease for his age. This unfortunate mishap occurred after he collapsed in his classroom; he was pronounced dead when reached to the hospital. Despite receiving CPR from his teachers and the school principal, the boy could not be revived. 

Mudit's father confirmed that his son did not have any cardiac ailment; he had not contracted COVID-19 and had received two doses of the vaccine and had no preexisting illnesses. However, an autopsy revealed that Mudit had a rare heart condition called left ventricular hypertrophy, which caused the thickening of the left ventricular wall and the absence of muscles on the other side. This condition could have led to a rupture of that part of his heart had he lived longer. 

Left ventricular hypertrophy typically does not show symptoms but may result in difficulty in pumping blood as the condition worsens. The leading causes of this type of cardiomyopathy include mutations in sarcomeric genes, inherited metabolic errors, neuromuscular diseases, and mitochondrial diseases.

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