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Quality Testing Reveals Inferiority in Drug Samples Manufactured by Himachal Pradesh-Based Companies

In Himachal Pradesh, a region known for housing 660 pharmaceutical companies, predominantly situated in the Baddi-Barotiwala-Nalagarh area, recent findings by the central regulator have revealed substandard quality in 10 drugs. Following these revelations, a Nalagarh court has taken action against Raj Bhargava, the proprietor of Cyper Pharmaceuticals based in Baddi, who has been remanded in judicial custody until June. Bhargava's arrest on May 24 stems from allegations of producing counterfeit drugs.

In a comprehensive testing effort, a total of 895 drug samples collected from various regions in the country underwent scrutiny, leading to the discovery of 35 samples exhibiting inferior quality. The Drugs Control Administration officials have stated that stocks of all the tested medicines that failed the quality assessment will be recalled, and notices have been issued to the respective manufacturers. Notably, these drugs were manufactured last year.

According to the drug regulator, the substandard samples were manufactured in Paonta Sahib and Kala Amb in the Sirmaur district, as well as in Baddi located in the Solan district. Among the identified drugs are astrazol, used for hormonal treatment; astrizo, which is employed in breast cancer treatment; misoprostol, utilized for stomach ulcer treatment and labor induction; and the antibiotics amoxicillin and cloxacillin.

The probe into the spurious drugs case revealed alleged links between the medicines and Cyper Pharmaceuticals. This discovery led to the legal action taken against Bhargava. It is worth noting that in November of the previous year, a counterfeit drug manufacturing unit in Baddi was dismantled, resulting in the seizure of spurious drugs worth over Rs 1 crore.

These developments underscore the ongoing efforts to combat the production and distribution of counterfeit medications, emphasizing the importance of maintaining stringent regulations and ensuring public safety in the pharmaceutical industry.

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