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Prior Screening of Couples Can Avert Thalassemia Incidences in the Newborns

Regular screening can help curb the prevalence of thalassemia, a genetic blood disorder that requires children to undergo frequent blood transfusions throughout their lives, at least twice a month. Although thalassemia is a known condition, inadequate awareness about the disease continues to pose a significant challenge to timely detection and prevention.

Recently, JK Lon Hospital has emerged as a beacon of hope for children affected by thalassemia, providing them with much-needed care and treatment; with its blood bank serving as a lifeline for those needing transfusions. In observance of World Thalassemia Day, children undergoing treatment at JK Lon Hospital will be taken on sightseeing tours to tourist destinations. The hospital authorities have obtained permission from the government for this initiative, aimed at raising awareness about thalassemia and promoting early screening and prevention efforts.

Doctors at JK Lon Hospital, where almost 300 children with thalassemia are registered, have urged couples planning to conceive to undergo screening to prevent the birth of babies with this genetic disease. Dr. Satendra Singh, assistant professor at JK Lon Hospital, said,” Unfortunately, lack of awareness about this disease continues to be a significant barrier to early diagnosis and prevention efforts. By promoting pre-conception screening, we hope to raise awareness about thalassemia and prevent its transmission to future generations.”

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