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Learning music can delay brain ageing

A recent study has revealed that playing a musical instrument could slow down the aging process of the brain. 

The positive effect of music on neurological functioning is common knowledge. This new study discovered that learning and playing a musical instrument can keep the brain active and sharp, preserving cognitive functions such as perception, memory, learning, attention, decision-making and language skills. 

This study was conducted by researchers from the Department of Psychology, University of Chinese Academy of Sciences, Beijing. The findings suggested that long-term musical training can delay and even counteract the cognitive dysfunction that precipitates with aging. Learning a musical instrument helps in preserving the ability to listen and process information. Music affects the sensorimotor regions of the brain, enhancing central auditory processing functions and preserving cognitive abilities, such as – auditory processing and working memory. 

Overall, the findings suggest that learning and playing a musical instrument can be an effective way of countering the natural cognitive decline associated with growing older. They also explain the comparable performances among older musicians and young adults.

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