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'Drs.OnCalls' Expands into India aiming to Revolutionize Healthcare Services

US-based telemedicine platform 'Drs.OnCalls' has entered the Indian market, aiming to revolutionize healthcare services in the country. With a track record of success in multiple countries, Drs.OnCalls brings its expertise and experience to India's rapidly growing telemedicine sector. The company aims to provide convenient, accessible, and high-quality healthcare to people across India.

Drs.OnCalls holds the pride of being the first telemedicine app in India to offer real-time consultations with global experts 24/7. This breakthrough feature enables patients to receive medical guidance from renowned professionals worldwide, transcending geographical limitations and expanding access to top-notch healthcare. By leveraging cutting-edge technology developed in collaboration with healthcare specialists, Drs.OnCalls aims to transform healthcare delivery and empower patients to make informed decisions about their well-being.

To establish a strong presence in India, Drs.OnCalls plans to execute targeted marketing campaigns to raise awareness about its telemedicine services. The company will actively seek collaborations with local healthcare providers, hospitals, clinics, government agencies, and diagnostic centers to expand its network and offer comprehensive healthcare solutions. Additionally, Drs.OnCalls aims to penetrate the B2B market through strategic alliances with corporate partners. By forging strong partnerships and collaborating with local stakeholders, the company aims to create a lasting impact on India's healthcare landscape.

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