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Can Air Conditioning Increase The Risk Of Heatstroke?

Air conditioners can provide instant relief from outdoor heat by creating a controlled indoor environment with lower temperatures. They help prevent heat buildup and reduce the risk of overheating. However, it is essential to use air conditioners responsibly, setting the temperature at a moderate level and ensuring proper insulation for energy efficiency. It is also crucial to stay well-hydrated, wear appropriate clothing, and avoid prolonged exposure to high temperatures to minimize the risk of heat-related illnesses. 

According to health experts, leaving an air-conditioned room and immediately exposing oneself to higher temperatures can hinder the body's ability to acclimatize – and more so for vulnerable individuals like older adults, children, diabetics, and those using diuretics. Prolonged exposure to air conditioning can dry out the skin and impede sweating, potentially leading to heat-related conditions such as heat exhaustion, heat stroke, or heat hyperpyrexia, which can harm various organs.

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