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All About Male Infertility

Infertility is the failure of conception by a couple despite one or more years of unprotected copulation. According to data from the All India Institute of Medical Sciences (AIIMS), more than 12–18 million Indian couples are diagnosed with infertility every year. Of these, 50% of the cases are due to male factors. However, most men are hesitant to consult a doctor as they attribute infertility to women only. 

It is essential to ascertain the primary cause of infertility before looking for remedies for infertility. Treatment strategies must be customized based on the couple’s family histories, factors contributing to failure in conception, and treatment affordability. Couple counseling also plays an important role.

Hurdles to accepting treatment and counseling must also be addressed while planning management. Among males, obstacles to treatment include social stigma and false ideation of manhood. Men should be made to understand that undergoing a fertility test/treatment does not hamper their manliness. Infertile men may also be able to have sexual intercourse and may produce normal-looking. semen

Lifestyle is an important factor that affects fertility in men and women. Deleterious habits gravely impact sperm quality. Advanced age and obesity also affect sperm quality. All these factors can be reversed, and appropriate infertility treatment may enable a couple to conceive safely. 

The partner’s support is vital during infertility treatment. Patients should be advised to confide in their partners before undergoing infertility treatment. Educating men regarding reproduction, fertility, and problems associated with conception is essential to create awareness regarding infertility and the available therapies. Myths, such as female orgasm is necessary for conception and masturbation affects future fertility, must be busted.

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