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Afternoon Is the Best Time to Exercise – Mid-Day Exercising Prevents Premature Death

Recent findings suggest that engaging in afternoon exercise confers the maximum benefits and may also prolong lifespan. Statistics reveal that the lowest number of cardiac arrests have been recorded during this daytime phase.

A study conducted last year confirmed the efficiency of morning-time exercise in eradicating belly fat and lowering blood pressure in women. Newer studies in this field depicted that afternoon exercise sessions are more beneficial in preventing premature deaths than morning and evening workouts.

This prospective cohort study was published in Nature Communications, evaluated health and demographic data, and included data of 92,000 individuals from a UK biomedical database. All participants used accelerometers for a week to record their timing and intensity of exercise.

Long-term follow-up disclosed fatalities in 3,000 participants – 1,000 were attributed to heart disease and 1,800 to cancer. Individuals who engaged in moderate-to-intense physical activity more often, for instance, brisk walking, had longer lifespans than those who seldom exercised, irrespective of the time of activity engagement.

Interestingly, midday exercise heightened the probability of having a longer life. It is known that afternoon is the time of the day when people are least likely to suffer a heart attack.

These findings could have health-related implications and may aid physicians in appropriate patient counselling.

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