Understanding ECG and Hyperlipidemia


In this CME we will go further and take some specific case scenarios which you will encounter in your practice as a first point contact and management before referring the patient to a hospital/cardiologist. Understanding cholesterol and it's management is also a tricky subject and we will discuss the same in this CME. This will give you an insight about counselling a patient as a follow up advice from a cardiologist As we all know the basic and emergency investigation for any cardiac problem is an electrocardiogram and being able to read it correctly can go a long way in prompt and accurate management of a patient saving both time and lives. We have discussed the basics of an ECG in earlier interactions..


  • Module 1  Understanding ECG and Hyperlipidemia
    • This tutorial by Dr. Aprana Jaswal and Dr. K. K. Aggarwal gives knowledge of understanding ECG and Hyperlipidemia


    Dr. Aparna Jaswal is an acknowledged expert in Cardiology at Fortis Escorts Heart Institute, New Delhi. She has been working at FEHI as a Principal Consultant since 1998. Dr. Jaswal has to her credit

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