Treatment of Vitamin D Deficiency


This video is about Vitamin D deficiency, and its related disease such as bone health, cardiovascular disease, cancer, type 2 diabetes and many more. Further it explains strategies for its treatment and prevention,management and monitoring of vitamin D deficiency in infants and adults, prevention of the deficiency, mechanisms involved in the treatment. We also get to know how vitamin D deficiency affects Indian children (school children) pregnant women and their newborn and adults, what are the vitamin D nutrition status of exclusively breast fed infants, diseases in children, respiratory problems due to this deficiency, supplementation of infants with vitamin D deficiency and older children. Some cases are also discussed in this video to explain the same and for better understanding. At the end there are take home messages for the general public for their health betterment due to this deficiency.


  • Module 1  Treatment of vitamin D deficiency in Adults
    • CME on Treatment of vitamin D deficiency in Adults
  • Module 2  Treatment of vitamin D deficiency in Children
    • CME on Treatment of vitamin D deficiency in Children


    Dr. Ambrish Mithal is an Indian endocrinologist, diabetologist and the Chairman and Head of Endocrinology and Diabetes division of Medanta, the Medicity, A Super Specialty Hospital located at Gurgaon,

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