Surgical Site Infections


This video on Surgical Site Infections explains why Surgical site Infections is an important concern for surgeons in their post operative patients and what are the elements that should be taken into consideration to control these infections. This CME has been divided into 6 modules and the learning objectives of these module are Defining and Classifying surgical site infections, Pathogenesis of surgical site infections, risk factors in surgical site infections, prevention of surgical site infections and proper hand hygiene in surgical site infections. Further, we get to know the overview of surgical site infections, definition of certain terms as Colonization, Contamination, Infection and Surgical site infection and distinction in between these terms to deliver effective wound care, difference between superficial and deep wound infection . Also, it explains why a patient who develops wound infection is 5 times more likely to be re-admitted to the hospital then a normal one.


  • Module 1  Surgical Site Infections - Antibiotic Prophylaxis
    • CME on Surgical Site Infections - Antibiotic Prophylaxis
  • Module 2  Surgical Site Infections - Hand Hygiene
    • CME on Surgical Site Infections - Hand Hygiene
  • Module 3  Surgical Site Infections - Pathogenesis
    • CME on Surgical Site Infections - Pathogenesis
  • Module 4  Surgical Site Infections - Prevention
    • CME on Surgical Site Infections - Prevention
  • Module 5  Surgical Site Infections - Risk Factors
    • CME on Surgical Site Infections - Risk Factors
  • Module 6  Surgical Site Infections- An Overview
    • CME on Surgical Site Infections- An Overview
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