Non-Alcoholic Fatty Liver Disease


This video is based on fatty liver disease in patients , ways of diagnosing them and why fatty liver may not be an benign disease. For detailed analysis doctors needs to identify national history of FLD in every patient, do a FLD patient require to stop alcohol, do FLD patient require vaccines with hepatitis B and can a doctor continue on herbal compound for treating FLD patients. Later in the video we get to know the relationship of NAFLD with diabetes and how NAFLD grows on to develop a progressive liver disease, diagnosis of NASH, what does uncontrolled NASH develop in the patient body, classification of simple fatty liver from NASH with the help of liver function test and fibrosis assessment test, management of patient with diabetes or T2DH and definite NASH. This video also explains the diagnosis of NASH and its implications, treatment of NASH patients and medications given to these patients to cure them. We get to know the difference between NASH patients and simple fatty liver patients and ways of treating each of them.


  • Chapter 1  NAFLD and Diabetes
    • CME on NAFLD and Diabetes
  • Chapter 2  NAFLD to NASH
    • CME on NAFLD to NASH


    Dr. Manav is a Senior Consultant Gastroenterology. His area of expertise lies in Hepatology, Liver Transplantation, and Therapeutic ERCP. Dr. Manav Wadhawan has been trained in Transplant Hepatology a

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