Evaluation of Chest Pain


This video is on sudden cardiac arrest, chest pain and heart attack. It tells us what is cardiac pain and what are the rule to identify chest pain, what is heart attack, how to differentiate conditions of heart attack, how to deal with acute chest pain how to prevent mortality in acute chest pain, evaluation of chest pain, what are the first few steps to be taken at birth at the initial chest pain and heart attack, diagnosis of acute heart attack, symptoms of cardiac chest pain. This video also explains practical approach of all chest pain, examinations of patients and investigations required for all patients with chest pain, what are all nursing interventions, and medications to be given in the patients of suspected heart attack.


  • Module 1  Evaluation of Chest Pain
    • CME on Evaluation of Chest Pain


    Dr. Praveen Chandra is a leading Cardiologist and current Chairman of Interventional Cardiology, Heart Institute at Medanta - The Medicity in Gurgaon. He is proficient in several new cardiological dev

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