Diabetes Overview and Medical Nutrition Therapy in Diabetes Management


This CME is about educating dieticians treating diabetes patients


  • Chapter 1  Diabetes Overview
    • CME on Diabetes Overview
  • Chapter 2  Medical Nutrition Therapy in Diabetes Management
      • Medical Nutrition Therapy: A Key to Diabetes Management and Prevention
        • Dietary principles for diabetes mellitus
          • Type 1 DM
          • Type 2 DM
      • Medical Nutrition Therapy (MNT) Recommendations for Diabetes
        • Effectiveness of MNT in Diabetes Treatment and Prevention
        • Difference between Glycemic load and Glycemic Index
      • Nutrition therapy recommendations by the ADA
        • Target guidelines for macronutrients
          • Carbohydrates ? Carbohydrate calculation
          • Fat
          • Proteins
        • Target guidelines for micronutrients
          • Vitamins
          • Minerals
      • Effectiveness of nutrition therapy
        • Balance of energy
        • Optimal combination of macronutrients
        • Eating patterns
        • Evidence for the clinical effectiveness of MNT in diabetes
          • Randomized controlled trials of MNT
          • Randomized controlled trials of MNT combined with diabetes self-management training (DSMT)


    Prof. Hemraj. B. Chandalia is currently Director, DENMARC and Director, Endocrinology, Diabetes and Metabolism, Jaslok Hospital and Research Center. Prof. Hemraj B. Chandalia did a 1 year Fellowship,

    Dr. Mala Dharmalingam is a senior endocrinologist working as Sr. Professor and Head Department of Endocrinology at Ramaiah Medical College, Bengaluru, South India. She is a DM teacher for the last 13

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