Diabetes Care Essentials


1 in 10 individuals across the globe are diagnosed with diabetes. It is important to stay updated with diabetes screening and management approaches. Multidisciplinary primary care teams have a fundamental role in the prevention and identification of diabetes and routine care at a level that fits with their competencies. Collaborative, integrated working relationships among multiple disciplines lead to quality patient care. Self-management, compliance, a meaningful and constant dialogue between the doctor-patient-caregivers are important aspects of diabetes care and management.

In the first module on 'Essentials of Type 2 Diabetes,' our expert speaker will talk about the prevalence of diabetes, it's screening, diagnosis, and management. The management will include non-drug therapy, pharmacological approaches. The module will also cover microvascular and macrovascular complications and the Dos and Don'ts clinicians should follow in diabetes management.

The second module on Pillars of diabetes care will discuss in detail the role of the interdisciplinary team in diabetes management, the significance of self-management of diabetes, relationship, and the language of communication between the doctor and the patient, clinical decision making with the patient, and raising awareness and diabetes education.


  • Module 1  Essential Of Type 2 Diabetes
      • What is diabetes?
      • Screening and diagnosis
      • Non-drug therapy
      • The complications in diabetes
        • Microvascular
        • Macrovascular
      • Mistakes clinicians makes in diabetes management
      • Can we reverse diabetes?
      • Best practice tips for lifestyle management
  • Module 2  Pillars of diabetes care: Communication & self management
      • The diabetes care team
      • Self management of diabetes
        • Self blood glucose monitoring
        • CGMs
      • Relationship between the doctor and patient
      • Clinical decision making with the patient
      • Diabetes education
      • Lifestyle management
      • Adhering to the prescriptions
      • Self monitoring


    Dr Jagmeet Madan is an eminent Nutritionist, National President , Indian Dietetic Association (2019-2021), Principal and Professor- Department of Food Nutrition and Dietetics at Sir Vithaldas Thackers

    Dr. Sanjay Kalra, MBBS, MD, DM (AIIMS New Delhi), is an Endocrinologist Based at Bharti Hospital, Karnal, India. An avid researcher, writer, and busy clinician, he is the past president of the Endoc

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