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Medical CME helps the medical professionals to learn about the new developments in the medical field which accelerates the learning, change and improvement in the healthcare. There are many CME programmes that are conducted by Medical Council of India to provide quality care to all Indians through promotion and maintenance of excellence in the medical education field.

CME India consists of a group of young people working together for the cause of having a single window to access CME programs. This helps the doctors to earn and save their important records. Also Continuing Medical Education India covers major events with the help of medical council, pharma companies, medical associations and doctors. Online CME’s and free CME’s are also conducted for the ease of medical professionals so that they can get to learn more and more at their convenience level. Most of the CME courses are paid and some are free for the users. These courses are also accredited courses so that the doctors receive the certificate and can update their knowledge.

CME credits are important for the doctors as in some states medical professionals require a certain number of credits annually to maintain their licenses and hospitals need this credit for their doctors so that they can see patients in their hospital, so this play an important role in the medical field. Medical CME helps to enhance a medical professional knowledge and skills through live, audio, video conferences , electronic media and clinicians.

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