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CME refers to continuing medical education for those who are in the medical field and its related activities include live events, written publications, online programs, audio, video, or other electronic media. Online CME Program is accredited by the Indian Medical Association and a Leading State Medical Council. These programs provide training to Nurses, Paramedical and PG students. All those who have passed their MBBS examination, should be given a mandatory one hour video CME on National Health programs and new government health policies. Last year, as per the Medical Council of India “members should complete 30 hours of CME every five years in order to re-register as doctors”, but till date only about 20% of India’s doctors follow this as it is not legally binding. CME's also provide medical writing training to the medical individuals who opt this as their career option. There are many Online CME programs also that are beneficial for physicians, nurse practitioners, physician assistants & other health care.